Kenya Nyeri Ruka Chui

Origin: Kenya

Region: Nyeri

Farm: Various Smallholders

Variety: SL28 / SL34

Process: Washed

Taste Notes:  Yellow Currant/ Red Grapefruit / Blueberries


  • 250g 250g
  • 1kg 1kg
  • French Press French Press
  • Whole Bean Whole Bean
  • Brew in Cup Brew in Cup
  • AeroPress AeroPress
  • Chemex Chemex
  • Moka Moka
  • V60 V60

The equator passes directly through this East African gem. Despite its tropical climate, Kenya experiences some nice cool-offs through the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. Flat savannahs home to an abundance of wildlife rise to central highlands, peaked by Mount Kenya at 5,199 m. It is here, where lush slopes are turned into fertile farmlands, creating ideal conditions for cofThe equator runs right through this pearl of East Africa. Despite its tropical climate, Kenya is cooled by the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. From the flat savannahs with their diverse flora and fauna rise the highlands, whose highest peak is Mount Kenya at 5,199 meters. Here, where the lush slopes give way to fertile farmland, the coffee plant thrives.

The combination of red volcanic soil, high altitudes, and an ideal climate have a decisive impact on the fruity, nearly juicy aromas characterizing these coffees. Due to its geographical location on the equator, there is only little distinction between the different seasons in Kenya.

There is nothing more to say to be honest, super bright, juicy and fruity, they just give you that mouthwatering feeling. This coffee consists of a classical Kenyan  SL34 and SL28 varietals, in the cup look for yellow currants, red grapefruit and notes of blueberries in the finish.

Weight N/A

250g, 1kg

Grind by Brewing Method

French Press, Whole Bean, Brew in Cup, AeroPress, Chemex, Moka, V60


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