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Selecting, roasting and tasting green coffee – an art, a science and a passion

On the journey from the sunny plantation to your table, every step of the processing of the coffee bean is critical. Roasting is one of the most important stages of coffee processing, requiring a great deal of care and knowledge. Each type of coffee is unique: different growing conditions, different processing techniques affect the taste of the coffee, so perfect taste and quality requires a lot of insight and experimentation to find the right roasting level and the best aroma, flavour and aftertaste of the coffee.

It is important to know that coffee prepared in different ways must be roasted and ground in the right way. Lighter roasting and coarser grinding will help to bring out the many flavours and aromas in a loose or filter coffee. For those who like stronger coffee or who drink it with milk, it is recommended to look for darker roasted coffees, which, even with additional additives, will not get lost and will retain their richness. If you prepare your coffee using a mocha or espresso machine, choose espresso-specific blends, which are roasted darker using a unique technique to ensure that each espresso blend is unique and that the cup of coffee on your table is flawless and unmistakable. Please note that for this preparation method, the coffee must be ground as finely as quartz sand

Every coffee roaster, like a winemaker or a chocolatier, has his or her own roasting technique and keeps the roasting recipe for each type of bean a secret, so that the different flavours and aromas that naturally emerge during the roasting process are not only the result of nature, but also the result of man’s hard work and his love of coffee.

It’s not enough to know that the coffee roasts for 15 minutes or until the roasting drum heats up to ~220ºC. Each roasting cycle requires indiscriminate recording of temperature changes and evaluation of the physical changes in the coffee beans. Finally, the end of the roasting process is a human factor determined by the roaster’s knowledge and experience.

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